Thursday, May 6, 2010

Al’s Back-up Plan

By Pam
Like I’ve previously mentioned, I occasionally go over to Ebay to see what kind of Alex O’Loughlin memorabilia is being offered.  Some of it is pure sh*t.  What is there stopping me from enlarging the NEW !! RARE!!  photos that are being offered, right clicking on them, saving them and printing them out myself? I'm going to pay somebody to do that for me??  A posed picture of Alex as Kevin Hiatt holding a gun is hardly new, and can be found in every Alex O’Loughlin gallery on the internet, so it isn't really rare, now is it?
I remember the bidding wars for Moonlight episode scripts that came with exclusive photos of Alex as Mick St. John.  Several of these items went for over $1,000.  I’m amazed at what a fan would pay for something that Alex may have touched, or even glanced at for that matter.  I confess I’ve purchased a few autographed photos of Alex on Ebay to add to my collection.  They hang prominently on the wall of my laundry room, otherwise known as “the shrine.”

Recently, “Stan’s” clothing from the set of The Back-up Plan went up for bid by a California company that acquires set props. The seller claimed they were “screen worn,” presumably by Alex himself, and came with a certificate of authenticity.  Several of the same item are usually acquired by the Property Master to allow for the many scene changes. Now, I’m not sure about “screen worn.”  Could be Alex’s stand-in wore them for lighting and blocking purposes. Some of the items I didn’t see Alex wear in the movie at all, but it goes to show you that Alex’s fans don’t really care.  If the item was in the general vicinity that Alex was, they’ll pay big bucks for it. Here are some of the items that were sold.
A pair of faded jeans got 9 bids and sold for $328.23
A light gray Henley shirt got 12 bids and sold for $328.23
2 identical, dark gray t-shirts got 26 bids and sold for $110., and 29 bids and sold for $355. respectively
2 identical light blue, button down shirts got 30 bids and sold for $687.12, and 17 bids and sold for $255. respectively
A dark gray Henley shirt got 56 bids and sold for $510.
A gray button down shirt got 52 bids and sold for $410.
Stan’s keys and the Chopard ring box that Zoe’s engagement ring was in sold for $41 and $7.26 respectively.  Boy did I get a bargain!  Yes, I bid on and won these items (and it IS the actual ring box, by the way. Photos of both in our Photos section).
I could go on and on, but the coup de grace was the dark gray, v-neck t-shirt and dark denim jeans that appear to be the clothing worn by Alex in The Back-up Plan movie poster got 11 bids and finally sold for $1,091.
Lord only knows what the winners of these items will do with this stuff.  Some will probably wear the t-shirts, but will they ever wash them?  Some people will just tuck the clothing away in a closet and beam with pride just knowing they’re there.  Some might even sleep with the shirts and jeans.
All this got me to thinking.  If Alex ever does need a back-up plan, he could sell his own sh*t on Ebay and make enough to keep him financially secure between acting jobs.  These are just some of the items he could sell off and live comfortably. 
The charcoal ash from his outdoor grill, with bonus basting brush - comes in a sealed baggie
A used tea bag – comes in a sealed baggie to preserve its moisture
A lint ball from his dryer – comes in a sealed baggie
The contents of his bagless vacuum cleaner – comes in a Hefty bag
A quart size, 2%, empty milk carton – comes with a certificate of authenticity that he drank directly from the carton
A single pressed rose from his rose garden
A chicken bone from the prepared meals he gets delivered
A rolled up newspaper with a dead fly stuck to it  - comes in a large plastic bag
A used Gillette razor – with bonus DNA
A lot of ten (10) boxed, various sizes and brands, empty, plastic water bottles (all with their caps) – comes with certificate of authenticity
Dry cleaning cellophane cover with claim ticket attached
An empty Sarah Lee chocolate cake box with bonus, used plastic spork
An oil rag used while working on his motorcycles – comes doubly packed in plastic (buyer must show proof they are a licensed hazardous waste handler)
I don’t foresee Alex having to sell anything any time soon, but he should rest assured that somebody out there somewhere will pay an arm and a leg for his sh*t.


  1. Would you ever sell the ring box? i want to use it to propose to my future wife, please????? she loves the movie and i know it would drive her crazy, please let me kno, id even buy it, use it and sell it back to you for the same price if u dont want to part with it. thank you

  2. Rocket,

    As much as I think it's a lovely idea to propose to your girl using "the" ring box, I have to say it is something I am not ready to part with. May I suggest searching the internet for Chopard jewelry retailers. It is possible they might sell you a box. Best of luck with finding one and with your engagement.