Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Really Unreal Reality

By Pam

I don't want to see "stars" dancing. I'm sick of hearing "we'll find out after the break." On how many shows do I have to hear "and one of you will be going home."? I already know how to make a cupcake. Cupcakes are fun. The words cupcake and war shouldn't be in the same sentence. Watching chefs cook just makes me hungry...so I eat too much. Clothes designers having meltdowns makes me want to smack them. Rich bitches backstabbing each other may be real, but I'd rather not get wrapped up in all that drama. I've never voted for an American Idol or favorite dancer  (I do vote for President of the United States, though).  These are just a few examples of the “real” scenarios we can find on TV.
Ah...reality TV. It's at its peak at the moment and many networks want to get on board. We're inundated with high drama, including hair pulling and tears. Sometimes we're just bored to tears. I can't imagine sitting in judgment over someone who deserves a break, but production tells me to give the "prize" to someone else. They're just toying with people's lives for money. Sure, one person gets the glory in the end and that's a nice thing to happen for them, no doubt. The others are devastated, and some are just humiliated on national television.  Wow!  What fun!  My state, New Jersey, is particularly popular right now. I’m almost embarrassed to say I live here.
Should I ever want to be on a reality TV show, I'd like it to be one where I can be myself. I'm articulate, honest, funny, pragmatic and earthy. Sounds boring, huh? I guess being really real won't get me very far.  Dammit.

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