Monday, February 27, 2012

Can Alex Live Free or Diet?

By Pam and Carol

 Tonight is another new episode of Hawaii Five 0, and no doubt the buzz will continue about Alex O’Loughlin’s leaner look.  We, here at The Press, noticed a change but are quite confident that Alex is level headed enough to keep himself in good condition to handle his grueling schedule.  It’s that level head we admire so much. 

We know Alex would never diet to merely lose weight without building muscle to stay strong and healthy.  But if he was to be that reckless, here are some diets we thought he could try.

Putrisystem – go to the worst restaurant in town and get sick smelling their putrid food.

The Mid 30s Diet - when the temp hits the mid 30s you can eat (no cheating by moving to a colder climate).

The Warrentea Diet - if you meat a guy named Warren, invite him to tea. You're allowed 1 crumpet.

Fatkins – put pictures up of your not so thin relatives to remind you what you COULD look like.

The GPS Diet - if you get lost somewhere, you can eat foods that begin with the letters G, P or S.

The Go Green Diet - eat anything that makes you turn green and causes vomiting. 

The Facebook Diet - have a buddy smack you in the face with a book every time he sees you eat something you're not supposed to.

The Twitter Diet – get a Twitter account and answer all the fans (Alex won’t be able to stop to eat…ever).

No White Foods Diet - successful when used in conjunction with Go green Diet, No Brown Foods Diet, No Red Foods Diet, etc.

Skinny Bitch Diet - hire a skinny bitch to follow you around and make rude comments about your food choices.

Tapeworm Diet - self explanatory (eeeeww).

Wait Watchers - eat normally and wait and see what happens.

We make light of this subject, but the bottom line is

We love you, man.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Loving Alex through thick and thin

by carol

Weight loss is a hot topic of conversation for Alex O’Loughlin fans these days. No one can deny recent Hawaii Five-0 episodes feature a leaner O’Loughlin.

Is he simply being "method" and losing weight to give emphasis to his character’s recent extreme physical torture and the distress of saying goodbye to his mentor/father-figure? 

If surfing is now his main form of exercise, could his muscle mass be redistributing over his body?

Is he so happy and busy with his personal life that he forgets to eat?  (I know, hard for some of us to imagine being that happy or busy!)

The bottom line for Alex fans is this: Has he lost too much weight and put his health at risk?  

For The Back-up Plan, O’Loughlin worked out two hours a day, six days a week, and was able to get his body fat to 7% with exercise and nutritional advice from personal trainer Jeff Blair. Alex admitted to relaxing his routine after the movie. At that time another trainer estimated his body fat percentage to be around 10%. After season one of H-50, Alex himself said, “In my early 20s, I did a lot of weights. I was huge—closer to 200 pounds,” says the 6'1″ actor, who clocks in today at a solid 175.  
Jeff Blair, Alex’s personal trainer, has said that “with training strength, power and hypertrophy, Alex is able to access more muscle fiber and achieve a stronger, more muscularly dense physique."

Alex often refers to himself as an athlete in the way he manages his fitness regime.  And looking at these athletic standards, Alex is doing just fine:

Average Body Fat Percentage of Athletes





Shot Putters

Body building

Skiing (X country)



Football (Backs)


Football (Linemen)




High/long Jumpers


Ice/field Hockey




A final observation is that cyclist Lance Armstrong has 4% body fat. He watches his weight to within 1 kg when he is competing. I don’t think anyone can argue the fitness of the man who has won the Tour de France seven times.

"I have an ultimate goal: I want long-term health. I want to be fit when I’m in my seventies. The work I do now and the seeds I sow now will pay off later." — Alex O'Loughlin at Time Out event in New York, October 2009