Sunday, June 20, 2010

Could You Be Alex's "Miss Right" ?

 By Pam

These are the facts:

 1. Alex is handsome
 2. Alex is candid
 3. Alex is simple (not simple minded)
 4. Alex has a sense of humor
 5. Alex is intelligent
 6. Alex is talented
 7. Alex is eclectic
 8. Alex is compassionate
 9. Alex is charismatic
10. Alex is generous

A man with these qualities would attract any woman; many women. I've been happily "taken" for 37 years now, but if I were in the market for someone to spend quality time with, I'd seek out a man like this. Since I am interested in the entertainment industry, I may seriously consider an actor. If it was an actor of Alex's caliber and celebrity, how would I let him know that I was interested because of who he was as a person and not for his celebrity? About becoming famous, Alex once said, "I think the downsides would be losing your anonymity and not being able to trust people, to tell whether people want to be with you and get to know you because of your celebrity or because of who you are."

Here are some responses to the above facts that maybe his “Miss Right” might say to prove she didn’t care about his celebrity. 

 1. Have you SEEN a comb lately?
 2. That’s a little TOO much information.
 3. Are those your grandfather's Velcro sneakers?
 4. *glare* That's not funny.
 5. Excuse me…what??
 6. Enough with the "method." Lighten up!
 7. Are you really going to wear those shoes with that suit?
 8. You can't be Superman.
 9. Can you be quiet for five minutes, please?
10. You don't HAVE six hours of your time to donate to "Save the California Squirrels."
Love you, Al....for you.


  1. Could you be Alex's "Miss Right"?

    Are you physically beautiful enough to pass for a model or actress? If not, nuthin' else matters.

    Not that Alex would date a bimbo. Just that, like most handsome men, he looks for physical beauty first in a woman and THEN a great personality.

  2. Yes, I heard him say in an interview, "she has to be pretty..." Would anything less do for the amazing Alex? No.
    Do I have the delusion he would ever be with me? NO!
    I love him for who he is, and for all he does for this world. I always will.
    I pray he finds his Miss Right! God Bless Alex.

  3. Agree with you all, but Alex will most probably "fall" for someone that stirs his soul, and she will most probably come in a beautiful wrapping as well(why not?). But there is also a lot of beautiful women out there, that will never stand a chance with him, because they lack the X-factor - things like compassion, humour....(only he knows his list). I agree with your 'responses' - playing hard to get and not really being in awe, might do the trick!