Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Taryn Manning Not "Wasting Time"

By Pam
OLaughing @tarynmanning Must admit I never saw you act until tonight on #H50. You did a wonderful job as Steve's sister. Congratulations.
TarynManning @OLaughing Thank u so much:) u can blog about it too!! Would b awesome of you
We like to think we're awesome, so this is as much for Taryn as it is for our readers.

How much ambition can a 32 year old woman have?  In researching Taryn Manning I have to say I am floored by her achievements.  She is the kind of woman we should teach our daughters to aspire to.  She is certainly one to be admired.

Taryn’s accomplishments include:
Singer/Songwriter – Along with her brother, Kellin, formed the band Boomkat in 2003. She plays the guitar and is the vocalist.  Boomkat's record company, Little Vanilla Records is owned by Manning. They are presently working on another album.

Actress – She has appeared in television shows such as The Practice, Sons of Anarchy and Boston Public.  Her feature film credits include Crossroads, Cold Mountain and the highly acclaimed Hustle and Flow.  She recently tweeted she auditioned for a Ron Howard film.

DJ – She’s a lover of music and is asked to DJ at clubs she attends.  She was the DJ at World on Wheels, which hosted an 80’s themed benefit for HOW (Helping Others Worldwide).

Fashion Designer – Taryn is co-owner of the clothing line Born Uniqorn with her best friend, Tara Jane, which they founded in 2005.   Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson, Jaime Pressly and Tori Spelling are just a few of the celebrities that have worn the brand.

Last night I watched Taryn’s acting for the first time in her debut as Maryann McGarrett, Steve’s sister, in Hawaii Five-0.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised.  She pulled off the indifference Maryann must feel because of being sent to a mainland boarding school at a young age after her mother died, and her father’s inability to show affection for either child.  I am excited to see where the depth of the character goes.  

"They are establishing her with a skill set," Manning told PopcornBiz. "We're starting to see that she's really good on computers."
“She's off on her own Nancy Drew little mission to figure out stuff about her own family."

Mahalo, Taryn.  I think you’ve made Hawaii Five-0 a little edgier, a little more intriguing and have confirmed that it’s not my father’s Hawaii Five-0.


  1. MakahaBobMarleyT-shirtGuy also was inspired by reading up on the Manning Story. Taryn and her best friend (bro) are both great....fur real!
    Many of us have done much in our lives but after meeting and reading about them i am ready to open new doors.
    I too grew up in the Great State of Az. but have been 99% away from the mainland for a decade. Took a few pics of that seal in the water yesterday.

    And don't even get me started on that catchy tune, What U Do 2 Me?

  2. My personal opinion is that Taryn should have been used more effectively in Hawaii Five-0. The writers and producers must have a reason for it, but I think if there is not a good reason for it, they totally screwed up with her character! Hope she will still get a chance to show her story and what it brings out in Steve (it also brings out great acting from Alex).