Sunday, July 17, 2011

A One Sided Anniversary

By Pam

It was two years ago yesterday that I was at The Back-up Plan set in New York. I remember it being 92 degrees in the city that day.  I'm contending that being with Alex O'Loughlin (dressed as Stan) made it that hot. Can you blame me for thinking that way? 

What has changed for Alex since then?  He played Dr. Andy Yablonski for a short time in Three Rivers, on CBS. Poor guy...two failed series in as many years.  The Back-up Plan was released and got tepid reviews, but the ladies loved Alex.  Now, he's more popular than ever and leading the good life in Hawaii. He has a hit TV series, owns a home and has a canine companion.  The Back-up Plan has been running on Show Time and new waves of admirers are swooning.  His great success is shared with his beloved son, family and friends. 

I'm happy for Alex.  I remember when he would say in interviews how uncomfortable he thought success would feel. He has been so afraid of losing his life. Oahu seems to be the place that changed his mind about the downside of being a celebrity.  On Oahu he can still go out and about without being hounded. Oh, I'm sure he is recognized, but the politeness of the people there surely must make the fears subside to a point of being quite tolerable.  He seems to be melting into the landscape quite comfortably.  He deserves this.  He works very hard and takes the pressure like a man. 

Do I miss the "old days?" Absolutely.  Alex no longer blogs on My Space, and refuses to participate on any other social network, at this time.  Would it be possible to spend time with him, as a fan, by just showing up on the set of his TV show (or a movie, should the opportunity arise) like it was two years ago? I don't believe so.  I miss the "closeness" and Alex's approachability. Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad or even disappointed. I had my turn and I have no claims, no rights, no demands and no regrets I understand that things change. Nothing stays the same forever. I'm amazed that I've followed this man for as long as I have.  He's a good man, aside from his celebrity. Understanding that he is who he is for the sake of himself and his son is how I see it.  Aren't you just drawn to those people who do something for all the right reasons? 

Happy Anniversary, Al.  You remember me, don't you?  Huh?  Al?  


  1. Pam - thanks for expressing these thoughts. I am very happy for Alex in terms of his success in H-50 but I do miss his occasional blogs on "My Space," and the possibility of being able to approach him without his having a bodyguard in tow. While I didn't get to the movie set, it was about 23 months ago that Amy and I drove out to Pittsburgh in the middle of the night to catch him shooting some scenes for Three Rivers. That was a big thrill. For the most part, Alex is past that and unless I make a trip to Hawaii (really unlikely from here) I probably won't ever see him in person again. But you have seen him a number of times - including this year in New York - so good for you! And it was you who did the phone interview back in the Moonlight days wasn't it? I have to say for purely selfish reasons, sometimes I do wish things were the way they were back then. Please no fruit thrown at me. Sometimes I am just too honest for my own good.

  2. Faye, I remember when you went to Pittsburgh. Thanks for your nice comment, and no apologies for your honesty needed.


  3. This is a catch-22. Fans wanted Alex to be successful. Now that he is, it looks as if there have to be changes in his life. A struggling, unemployed actor has a lot of time on his hands, TV stars do not.

  4. It's now his time, following your heart it will lead along a journey that will be absolutely breathtalking !