Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hawaii Five-0: Still in a Training Bra, but Developing Nicely.

By Pam

 I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought season one of Hawaii Five 0 was a bit Danny-centric.  I thought his story line went much further than it should have gone, leaving the other main characters in the dust, save Chin toward the end of the season. Yet, I understand that a fledgling series needs to get its bearings, and it appears season two  will be a little more mature and steady on its feet.

The show has been given a new regular character, Max Bergman, who brings a quirky and funny dynamic which all the teams’ members will interact with. Not only will the team depend on Max for his expertise, they will be dumbfounded by the extent of his knowledge and his presentation of it. He’ll be someone the team will both respect and find scary, in his own geeky way. Along with the leads, well written, quirky, lovable and ultimately believable characters keep people watching a show.

In the first episode of season two, we were introduced to a new arcing character, Joe White, who brings a calm seriousness to the mix. In future episodes there will be more recurring characters introduced.  Why so many? Will the character development of Steve, Chin and Kono suffer (I think we already know Danny quite well)? I see this as an opportunity for major character development.  Character development is, by definition, the change in characterization of a Dynamic Character*, who changes over the course of a narrative. At its core, it shows a character changing.

We will see different sides of Steve this season. In season one he was given free rein and ignored protocol to do what HE felt needed to be done. This season, he must answer to a new Governor. Steve can no longer be a loose cannon and still head 5-0.  

We’ll see the relationship between Steve and Joe White, his mentor, and presumably, a father figure as a result of his own father’s absence. We may see Steve drop his guard with Joe, which would bring out more of his vulnerability.

Lori Weston, a kick-butt and take names female will reluctantly join the team in episode two.  Though she becomes a member of the 5-0 team appointed by the Governor, Steve may carry some resentment which will show in his interaction with her.  It has been written that Lori and Steve may come together in a romantic way, which adds yet another layer to Steve’s character. 
Kono has to deal with the head of Internal Affairs.  She, like Steve, was used to having no real rules when doing her job.  Now, not only is she suspended from 5-0, but must keep clean while she’s waiting to learn her fate. In my opinion, this could “break” her.  She already discharged a weapon and shot someone in the opening episode of season two. There must be consequences. 

I read that Kono becomes involved with a dirty cop. If she is aware he’s bad, we can expect to see Kono show a dark side we never could imagine her having.  In season one we didn’t need to question her loyalty to the team. Given that she is now suspended and facing an Internal Affairs investigation which could lead to her incarceration, it is possible she may throw her loyalties away as she feels she has nothing to lose. She may take a “job” that causes her to do a complete about-face.  This may lead to some new reactions from Chin, as well.

Nothing of Chin has been mentioned, that I have seen, by Showrunner, Peter Lenkov. Since there was a good portion of season one focused on Chin and his police back-story, it could be that this season the two team members who took somewhat of a back seat last season will be developed. 

Just like any relationship, it takes a while to really get to know someone. We, as the TV audience, only get to spend about forty-two minutes a week with the Hawaii Five 0 characters. Even then, it’s with all of them at one time. I think production is taking a giant leap into character development this season. I will take a vested interest in the team and tune in to see my “friends,” the people I am getting to know,  do their jobs.

*Dynamic Character - When a character finishes a story with a different outlook or personality than when they started.

Note: The above is my own personal opinion based on what I have read about Hawaii Five 0’s second season. It is pure speculation on my part.


  1. Pam,

    This may be your personal opinion but this is a great write up. I am excited about season 2 and the addition of all the new characters. I already like Joe White and hope they keep him around for the whole season.

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