Friday, November 25, 2011

LOUIE Named Rodent of the Year by RQ

                      From Squirrel Alone to Tree for 2
                                                Pictorial inside.
(Disclaimer: This is a pictorial layout only. Louie did not get married, nor does he have a girlfriend. There are no parallels between Louie and Al's lives. Louie has his own personal life).

A squirrel shouldn't be alone. (Sweater, by Cottontail Cashmere)

Find the right one and whisper sweet nuttings in her ear. 

Shower her with gifts. (Strawberry Blue, Eau de Parfum by, Marmot Me)

Pick the right moment to pop the question. (Tux, by Mr. Vole/glasses, by Optimouse/dress, by Rodentical/pearls, by Seeds of Style)

YOU DO! (Top hat and tie, by The Fine Porcupine/Veil, by Hare Cover/flowers from nature)


It's a tree for 2 and 2 in a tree.

All Photoshop work done by Pam. No copyright infringement intended.

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  1. so funny i fell from the chair lol crying from laughter