Wednesday, July 7, 2010


By Pam

The ever-so-witty Hawaii Five-0 writer, Rick Orci, recently 
tweeted WWMcGD and supplied this picture.

I got to thinking perhaps the more 
interesting question is, WWMcGND? 

 McGarrett would NEVER:
 1. Call for backup
 2. Forget deodorant
 3. Admit he prefers Lite beer
 4. Forget to eat his Wheaties
 5. Get drunk in a public bar
 6. Leave his shoe laces untied
 7. Admit to having to use an SPF 50
 8. Carry less than 10 gun clips
 9. Admit his ringtone is Bieber
10. Join
11. Admit he has a thing for older women in positions of 
12. Wear gloves with fingers
13. Eat pineapple
14. Wear a Speedo
15. Admit he uses Snuggle
16. Refuse “the gas” at the dentist
17. Chase the bad guy when he can order Danny to do it
18. Drive a hatchback
19. Use a night light
20. Admit he's afraid of squirrels

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