Saturday, July 31, 2010

Alex Expands His Team

By Pam

IMDb recently updated Alex O'Loughlin's contact information to include ID Public Relations.  His publicist is listed as Jodi Gottlieb, Vice President, Talent.
His choice is keeping in line with the rest of his team.  He has chosen people with integrity and honesty.  Those people who will always watch his back.  
We have long-standing, positive relationships with the media who value us because of our integrity and the clients we represent.*
Alex’s next role, Steve McGarrett, in this Fall’s Hawaii Five-0 on CBS, will surely make him a star.  There will be so many more requests for his time and he will find it virtually impossible to keep up.  His publicist will be his liaison to the media and the public who want a “piece” of him.  Now is the time for Alex to add to his team.
I would advise actors to not hire a publicist until they have an important and visible project or role to promote—for example, a television series…**
…the real job of any publicist—is to remind people in the industry just how wonderful an actor is. People forget, especially if the actor hasn't gotten that high level of attention before. If they aren't at the level where they are the star, it's time to think about hiring someone when they get the role where that can change.**
With stardom comes press, some good and some not so good. Stories will be told and some may be untrue.  It will be up to Ms. Gottlieb and her team to set the record straight.  The media will go to them  to confirm or deny any rumors that might crop up, without spin.
There is a perception that PR is about hype and spin. We’re not about hype and spin. ID champions the visionary, the passionate and the authentic.*
Visionary – passionate – authentic. This describes Alex as I know him.   It seems like a perfect fit to me.
Best of luck to Alex and his team.

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