Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Say Thank You Like Our Mothers Taught Us

by carol
“Celebrities got fame, money, and the good life, what do they have to complain about? They know what they signed up for. Paps, tabloids, and TMZ are part of the package. Get over it.”
“I’m his fan. I love him. I think about him all the time and write him letters every day and I would do anything for him. Why doesn’t he answer me?  I write about him on the internet too; why doesn’t he notice me? Oh, and I hate anyone who doesn’t love him like I do!”

The above two statements appear to be polar opposites. Yet, both make the same declaration: as a celebrity you belong to people, people you don’t know. You owe them and they want to collect. “It’s the price you pay for fame, for being a celebrity.” 
Yeah ... I’m sure THAT'S in the Celebrity Handbook.
Celebrities live their lives under a microscope, or rather, a telescopic lens. The public cannot see, read, or hear enough of them. Think of all the magazines, tv shows, websites, and blogs dedicated to providing the “scoop,” “the unvarnished truth,” “the real story.”
Society, especially American society, encourages us to idolize these people and as a result, we expect them to always be friendly, generous, and stand tall on those pedestals we put them on. If they don’t pose for every picture, don’t agree to every interview, don’t sign every autograph, don’t answer every question, they can be sure these blunders will be written about and commented on all over the internet.
There seems to be no immunity from judgment allowed for those times when a celebrity is exhausted, worried about their kids, or simply having a bad day like the rest of us are allowed. Do they have to be graded on a Pass-Fail standard?  Where's their bell curve?

Ultimately what do celebrities owe the public? Writers owe good writing. Actors owe good acting. Musicians and singers owe good music. Anything beyond that is a slice of cake for the fans.  Big or small, take whatever size they give you and say thank you, just like our mothers taught us. 


  1. I agree! I know two wrongs don't make a right but I've often thought it would be fun if a celeb turned the tables on the paparazzi (and too persistent fans) and had them followed around for awhile. LOL

  2. To me Alex seems more courteous and accommodating towards fans than most celebs. Haven't been close to him so I can't say for sure. Think maybe it is something his mother taught him too. Hope fans don't force him to loose that by being too obnoxious!