Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hawaii Five-0’s Writers Provide Oral Lex(icon)

By Pam 

Language is continually evolving, and since its creation TV has contributed its fair share of new words and catch phrases.  A great example is the term “5-0” which came from the original Hawaii Five-0 TV series and has come to mean the police, in general.  The writers of the new Hawaii Five-0 have come up with some clever uses of common words and terms which make us see them in a new and somewhat twisted way. 

Here is a lexicon of the first half of the season’s vocabulary (the ones I can remember). I’ve roughly defined them so they can be used in your every day conversations.

  •  cargument – arguing in the car
  •   triple banana, bitch – the ultimate of anything
  •   eye humping – giving someone the f**k me eyes
  •   aneurysm face – facial expression for WTF
  •   got into some Barry White – had sex
  •   ergo – thus; and so
  •   [they’re] from out of town - something or someone you have no respect for
  •   rationally concerned – scared
  •   Super SEAL – fearless person; knows everything, does everything
  •   Science Guy – a resourceful person
  •   Do you have a pulse? – you’re clueless
  •   doing a thing – concocting a false situation to suit one’s needs
  •   Neanderthal animal – idiot; jerk; moron; loser; a-hole
  •   armed conflict – anger; being aggressive
  •   term of endearment – covers your ass; strictly bullsh*t
  •   Oh God – an embarrassing or “whoa” moment
  •   napalm in the morning kind of guy [person] – hard hearted
  •   You're apology is noted, acceptance is pending – not ready to give in; keeping the upper hand
  •   fear of death – threaten
  •   You are the backup – nobody else is coming (as in to your party)
  •   Choose your next words carefully – better not say the wrong thing
Please, if you want to leave a comment, choose your next words carefully. Should you leave a nasty comment, causing me to exhibit aneurysm face (because I know this lexicon is triple banana, bitch), I’d be rationally concerned that you have no sense of humor. Do you have a pulse? If that’s the case, you just may be a napalm in the morning kind of person, ergo, a Neanderthal animal from out of town. Seriously, you need to get into some Barry White. Then, once you’re more relaxed, any apology will be noted, acceptance will be pending. 

He he….I’m kidding…just doing a thing.

  Thanks to the season 1 writers of Hawaii Five-0


  1. Mr Man with the red ears says it all, doesn't he? LOL

  2. Love this! How did you get the poster with the writer's signatures? I love the writing of this show. They successfully combine action, humor and usually some sort of family references.

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