Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Overlooked Talent of Alex O'Loughlin

by carol

Alex O’Loughlin is a man of many talents and fine qualities. There is much to admire about my favorite actor but there is one attribute I admit I admire above all his others … the man can hang onto a pair of sunglasses.

Like the single sock that never comes out of the dryer, sunglasses have a habit of disappearing … or rather, being abandoned by their owners. Left behind in restaurants, laying on your car roof as you drive off, or falling out of your backpack, sunglasses seem to have a limited lifespan.

There is also a theory that the more expensive the sunglasses, the shorter the time you can expect them to not get lost or broken. Fans have priced a variety of sunglasses worn by Alex in the past and they are not cheap. Yet I have photographic proof that Alex has hung onto the same pair for almost two years.
While the rest of us resort to shoelace neck cords or beaded spectacle straps, Alex casually hangs his sunglasses on his shirt, looking cool and debonair. What’s left to say?  Well, he looks good in hats too.


  1. So true. the lifespan of sunglasses is inversely proportional to the cost!

    Funny, though, even in sunny Hawaii, Cmdr. McGarrett doesn't wear sunglasses... perhaps Steve looses them like the rest of us!

  2. Sometimes I think McGarrett should be wearing his sunnies cause he is obviously squinting.

  3. Stangely enough it is the one thing that has been bugging me since the beginning of Hawaii Five-0, nobody wears sunglasses! Wonder if it is because of lack of sponsership/advertising, or if they just feel the actors need their eyes to play their role and express feelings - Alex showed us as Mick that, with sunglasses on he can still show many emotions. I actually counted the times Steve used sunglasses in Season 1 - 3 times.

  4. I just want to report that Alex still got the pair of glasses showed in your photo's above - Veterans Day, Nov 2011!