Monday, December 27, 2010

Quick "fix" if You're Jonesing for Hawaii Five-0 - Week #2

By Pam

There’s still one more week before we see a new episode of Hawaii Five-0 *sigh*.  Here are15 more things you might want to do to ease the pain.

16. Trade the computer you got for Christmas for a Hello Kitty laptop.
17. Send all your friends a picture postcard from New Jersey.
18. Buy a shaved ice machine (on sale for $34.95, regularly $59.95).
19.  Go out for drinks with a friend and forget your wallet.
20. Call your Governor.
21. Have a luau (indoors, if it’s snowing).
22. Visit your County Jail.
23. Mow the lawn and fashion the clippings into a grass skirt.
24. Wear flip-flops/thongs/slippers everywhere.
25. Order a Blue Hawaii when you go out for dinner.
26. Buy a can of Spam (you don’t necessarily have to eat it).
27. Dust your house for fingerprints (get creative with your method).
28. Sleep on your fold out couch.
29. Buy a 6 pack of Longboard Beer.
30. Convince your friends to download the Hawaii Five-0 ringtone and all play it at once.

If none of the 30 in total suggestions work, and your addiction to Hawaii Five-0 is so bad you can’t function without a new episode, go to your nearest hospital and tell them you think you have CBS (Chronic Boredom Syndrome).  I’ve heard the only known cure is a large dose of WTF5-0.

Good luck all!

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