Monday, May 9, 2011

Beware The New STD: Socially Transmitted Drivel

by carol
“I would rather set fire to myself than join social networks. I’m so unmanageable when it comes to that stuff. If I had to Facebook, Twitter, anything like that, I don’t know what would happen.” Alex O’Loughlin
Whoa, that’s a pretty strong statement, isn’t it?
"I would rather have a prostate exam on live television by a guy with very cold hands than have a Facebook page.” George Clooney
“I just (couldn’t) live with myself if I started twittering. I just think: 'That way lies madness.'” Bruce Willis
Sharing on social media does not appeal to every celebrity. There are also celebrities who decide to delete their existing accounts on Twitter and Facebook accounts, such as singer John Mayer who quit Twitter and posts only occasional promotions on his Facebook page.

Celebrities are able to promote themselves, good causes, get personal with the fans if they want to, and correct rumors and outright lies about themselves. They can also be badgered, sent hate mail, and bothered by fake accounts which are set up in their name. Not participating may seem like the simple answer to these celebrity account problems.

The Hollywood Reporter has made the observation that "there's a growing number of studio deals with new language aimed specifically at curbing usage of social-media outlets by actors, execs and other creatives." The studios may hope to prevent confidential information about their film and television projects from leaking out on major social networks. Studios might also want to discourage verbal misbehavior or "mis-speaks" that can occur during a happy hour or after a rough day on the set.

Justin Timberlake, who plays Napster creator and former Facebook President Sean Parker in The Social Network, recently admitted that he doesn’t use Facebook. "I’m sort of admittedly ridiculously stupid with computers,” he told Jon Stewart. “I don't have a lot of time between work. And so much of that time goes to watching SportsCenter,” Timberlake added in an interview with Extra. "I think your life is as private as you choose it to be… That's the beauty of this country, freedom of choice."

“I just don’t like this compulsive, instantaneous, over-information, lack-of-privacy, weirdo aspect of the world,” self-proclaimed technophobe and actress Drew Barrymore explained to The Daily Mail as to why she’s not on Facebook or Twitter. “If you meet someone, they already know everything. What about showing up on the date and saying, ‘What do you do for a living? Who are your friends?’”

Twilight star Kristen Stewart voiced her displeasure for social networking sites as well. Stewart ranted about Twitter, telling Flaunt magazine, “Twitter f@@ks me over every day of my life. Because people go, ‘I’m sitting next to Kristen Stewart right now’ and then [the paparazzi] show up."
“When does anyone find the time to tweet? I can barely open my mail. I have to pay someone to help me open my mail. As sad as that may be, it’s the truth. And what would I say? ‘Hey, just letting you know I am going to get a coffee?’  CBS has begged for both (Twitter and Facebook) but I’m thinking about creating my own ... it’s going to be called TWITFACE.” Alex O'Loughlin


  1. i don't care how you'll call it! i love your face in anyway

  2. Twitface, that's great! Of course Ning ( would let you create your own social network and you could decide who to accept and who to reject to your network and if you don't like them you can kick them off. You would have absolute control of how it looks and what is said. It's like social networking for specfic topics. Maybe Alex would like that instead?

  3. Whether it's Facebook or Twitter like to read about him because he is my favorite.

  4. Twitface, huh? Can AOL's face be the logo for that? Would have 1 million hits in the first hour...just sayin'

  5. He is my favorit for me
    Krisztina from Hungary

  6. He can "twit" me anytime.

  7. I think its because he's ADHD. They can only think of a limited number of things at one time and can become easily over-stimulated. If you give them a list of what to get at the store, it can only be 3 items, or they get overwhelmed and forget everything. As my friend who has its say....they can be super chatty and animated and witty, but sometimes they can be hyper talkers too (esp with caffeine!), and then later that day they crash and can't even remember what they're doing. It's definitely a management thing and knowing one's limits, and obviously Alex knows his. No Twitter! Good foe him!

  8. I admire somebody that know their own limitations and act according to it! Obviously Alex knows his own personality best and don't want to commit himself to someting that he might regret later for not doing it to full capasity (It seems that he usually likes to give 100% to projects)