Sunday, May 22, 2011

Paps, Fans, and Hounds

by carol  (based on Pam's experiences at upfronts)

When a celebrity turns a corner, steps out of a car, or goes through a door, they are likely to find a crowd of people waiting for them. That crowd is usually comprised of one or more of the following types of people: paparazzi, autograph hounds, and fans.

Would you be nervous if this was pointed at you?
Do the paparazzi really follow celebrities that much? Well, think about it. If you are looking at a photo or video of them, the chances are it was taken by a pap who was following, waiting for, or got a tip on the location of a celebrity. The better the shot, the more money they can charge media outlets. What makes a better shot? An agitated celebrity. Benign smiling head shots are readily available. So the more out of character, the higher the paycheck for a pap.

Autograph hounds, like the paps, earn their daily bread by tracking down celebrities and getting as many autographed photos as possible to sell.  And fans who otherwise would have no type of contact with their celebrity are willing to pay for that second-hand personal connection. Celebrities are aware of this and may not like the idea of fans being charged for something they give away, but will rarely refuse to sign at least one photo. Maybe that’s why a celebrity will be seen not smiling at some people in lines but smiling and quite friendly at other points.

Alex O'Loughlin walking the line at CBS upfronts
Fans depend either on good luck or scheduled appearances to get a look at their favorite actor or singer. They try to be on their best behavior and be respectful. And I believe most of them are. Unfortunately they may get caught up in the frenzy around them or simply “lose their grip” in such close proximity to their special celebrity. That’s more understandable than the pap who steps on anyone to get “the money shot” or the autograph hound who pushes through to another place in line to get another signed photo.

Celebrity point of view:  friend or foe?
The focus of this chaos of mixed intentions is the celebrity who realizes this is part of his job and tries to do his best amidst all the shouting and pushing. I can’t handle two people talking to me at the same time, so let’s try to imagine what our favorite celebrity is going through. Like my mom taught me, show your manners and say thank you.


  1. I can't even imagine how I could handle all this chaos & insensitivity of these paparazzi & cameras and having no personal space. I feel so sorry for celebs like Alex. I also feel guilty though because I do like seeing & hearing about Alex. I would never knowingly buy anything from someone that takes advantage of these celebrities. Yes, it may be part of their job & they should expect it, but there should be limits to the hounding and ability to take their picture without their consent. I would hope if I ever had the good fortune to meet Alex, I would not "lose my grip" and forget my manners. Although, I may get weak in the knees and may need help to stay standing, lol. Thank you for your blog, I enjoy your comments.

  2. We're coming from the same place of guilty pleasure, Cindy. Most celebrities are probably willing to accommodate requests. Celebs are grown-ups who know what to expect. We're just asking for some manners and a little respect.

  3. Sorry but these celebrities know it comes with the job. They can't have it both ways. They are paid more money then most people will ever see so suck it up and stop bitching about it.

  4. Does earning big money give other people the right to be rude to you and treat you badly? ...Don't think so. Most rich people I know are treated with respect, why not celebs too? And most of the celebs work really hard for their money in any case!