Monday, May 14, 2012

Search and Sarcasm

By Pam

People wind up at this site for many reasons. Usually, they're looking to find out more about Alex O'Loughlin. They'll do a search using their own choice of keywords, and hopefully find the answer they're looking for. The majority want to know about Alex's tattoos, his recent physical appearance, and the most popular search, if he really broke his arm.

Here are a few actual searches that stood out from people who visited us during a one week period recently. I decided to offer them my personal search results. I hope no one is offended; it’s all in good fun. — why was Alex O'Loughlin
   He’s not dead, so, he “is” not “was.” Alex is because his parents came together one time, had sex (you don’t need me to explain that, too, do you?) and made him. — where is alex o'loughlin now
   You mean NOW now? At this very moment? Let’s see, it’s 10:15am my time, so that’s 4:15am Hawaii time. He’s got to be sleeping, or in the bathroom. — is alex o'loughlin sick 2012
   I don’t think so, but I do remember he had a cold in 2011. He definitely was sick with a flu thing in 2008. — why is alex mclaughlin sick
   Probably because you keep spelling his name wrong. — did alex o'loughlin break his arm
   Hell no! Read my blog post McGarrett's Uninterrupted Break: thereal "cast" in Hawaii Five-0 (April 20, 2011) Where have you been the past year?? — what happen to alex o'loughlin
   Well, when he was a kid he ran in to a brick wall on his tricycle. Can you be more specific? — hawaii five o fat man. how much does he weight?
   No, no…it’s not fat man, it’s Wo Fat. I’m guessing he weighs about 165-170. — hawaii five 0 whay is laugin noton the show
   I really don’t know. Did you call laugin’s agent? Maybe he’s busy doing another show. Why not write to Peter Lenkov and ask if he can book laugin for season 3. — how did alex o'loughlin break his arm
   GAAAAAAH!!! — Why is mcgarrett of Hawaii five o
   Well, it all started back in 1968. See, Leonard Freeman had this idea... — hawaii five o real
   I’m 99.9% sure it’s real. If it isn’t, I’d better get off the meds. Oh. You meant a real
5-0 Task Force. No, McGarrett is too busy heading up the fake one. — alex o'loughlin moto [sic]
   Gee, I never heard that he has a motto, but if he does it might be something like, A pat on the back is only a few centimeters from a kick in the arse. — alex o'loughlin dusty dog
   Aw, she’s not always dusty. Alex does hose her down every once in a while.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people around the world who have visited O’Laughing Press the past two years. We appreciate each and every one of you.

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