Monday, May 28, 2012

Secret Document....shhhh.

By Pam

WOW! Was I the lucky one! I was just sent this scan of a seemingly "official" document by an anonymous person. It's a list of spin-offs starring the regulars of Hawaii Five 0. It's from the creative department over at SeeBFs. Looks real to me. Take a gander, but keep it to yourself. *wink wink*

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From: SeeBFs Creative Dept.
May 28, 2012

Potential Spin-off  for H50 regulars

Scott Caan:
Danno Knows Best (sitcom) - a family show about a single dad (duh)
Jersey Justice (drama) – Danny dishes out vigilante justice in Newark

Daniel Dae Kim:
Chin Deep (drama) - Chin infiltrates an underground endangered species smuggling ring
Irish Outcast (drama) - Chin Ho Kelly goes to Ireland to search his roots

Grace Park:
My Cuz, Kono (sitcom) - criminals on Oahu drop Kono’s name as their cousin to get better treatment
Bikini Bumpkin (sitcom) – Kono finds herself in Kansas, not even near a lake

Alex O'Loughlin:
The King's SEAL (drama) - Steve moves to Jordan and becomes the king's head of security
Navy's Gravy (sitcom) - Steve becomes a Navy trainer to a bunch of misfits

Masi Oka:
Covert Coroner (drama) - Max loses his medical license, yet relatives of the murdered seek his expertise to solve the crime
Audacious Autopsy (Sci-Fi) - Max exhibits contempt of decorum when performing autopsies

Michelle Borth:
Cat's out of the Bag (sitcom) - Catherine resigns from the Navy and enters the real world
The Brunette and the Brigade (sitcom) - Catherine becomes the commander of seamen organized for military service on land




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