Friday, July 6, 2012

Mom? Aw ma...

By Pam

We’ve just learned that Christine Lahti will recur in season 3 of Hawaii Five 0 as Steve McGarrett’s mother. Doris McGarrett was supposed to have been dead all these years. In the final episode of season 2, Steve came face to face with his mom. What will happen now?

Since Wo Fat is safely in jail (for the time being, anyway), will momma McGarrett go back to her house on Oahu where she can be more relaxed? The one Steve lives in now.  Will Steve stay if Doris takes her house back? 

If Steve and his mom lived together, here are some of words that might be exchanged between them. Remember, mom has to make up for lost time. So, she thinks she needs to pick up where she left off.

This is still my house, Steven, and you'll live by my rules.
You drank out of the milk carton again, didn't you Steven?
Mom, Danny will be here in a few minutes. Please don't ask him if he wants any Kool Aid.
Stevie, when are you going to give me a grandchild as nice as little Gracie?
Steve, when are you going to buy yourself a nice pair of pants?
Steven John McGarrett! How many times have I told you not to leave your gun in the bathroom?!
Hey mom...have you seen my gun?
Catherine is such a lovely girl, Steve. When is she going to leave the Navy and settle down? Her biological clock is ticking, you know.
Steven John…call your sister.
Steve, will you be home for dinner tonight? I'm making pea and ham soup.! Will you turn off the vacuum for a minute! I'm talking to the Governor!
Nice mess you made, Steven.
Steve, I don't care if there's a dead body waiting for you. The garbage needs to go out.
I don't know what they taught you at SEAL school, but it sure wasn't how to be nice to your mother.
Stevie, honey...are you wearing enough sunscreen?
Mom…what did you do with my green cargo pants?
Here you go son...I found these bullets in the wash.
For once, Steve, can't you put your beer bottles in the recycling bin instead of leaving them on the coffee table?
Steve…you ate the whole cake??  It was for company!!
Mom? We have anything for upset stomach?
I love you, too, ma.

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