Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alex Makes The Big Move

By Pam

Photobucket Next month, Alex O’Loughlin will be pulling up stakes and moving from Los Angeles to Oahu to film his new television series, Hawaii Five-0. The move will no doubt involve a lot of preparation. Setting up a new “home” in paradise sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

Though Alex is no stranger to long flights, the flight from LAX to HNL travels a distance of 2,556 miles and takes 5 hours 55 minutes. A first class, one way ticket will cost $1,097.10 plus taxes and fees. CBS, no doubt, will pick up the tab

Once Alex is in Oahu, he’ll need transportation. I’m guessing CBS will supply a vehicle for him to use, and fill the tank for the going rate of about $3.45 per gallon of gas. He might want to take public transportation. A monthly, unlimited pass to ride The Bus is $50.00. If he wants to ship one of his motorcycles over, that will cost about $825. 

Then it’s time to fill the refrigerator and purchase the sundry items. In the Honolulu area there are a few stores to choose from; Foodland, Safeway and Marukai Wholesale Mart.  

This week at the Hawaii Kai Foodland (with your Maika'i card)
Purex Laundry Detergent 2/$9.
Chicken breast, bone in value pack $1.99 LB.
Foster Farms Turkey Bologna, 16 oz. pkg. 4/$6.
Tree Top Apple Juice, 64 oz. 2/$4.50
Hunts Tomatoes, 14.5 oz. can 2/$3.
Birds Eye frozen vegetables, 16 oz. 2/$4.
Kellog’s Smart Start Cereal, 14.7-17.5 oz. $3.59
Peet’s Coffee, 12 oz. $9.99
Charmin Bath Tissue, 12 count, Ultra strong or soft $9.99
Potatoes, 5 LB. bag $3.29ea.
Corona Extra, 18 pk. $19.99
A gallon of milk and a loaf of bread go for about $5.00 each.
I’m sure Alex’s work schedule will be grueling, as we’ve heard it can be. When he has some time to himself, and doesn’t go back to the mainland, he may want to take his motorcycle for a spin. Just how far can he go? In total, the drive around the eastern and northern perimeter of Oahu, returning through the interior is about 120 miles and takes the better part of five to six hours if you go slow enough to enjoy the scenery and stop along the way. That could get old rather quickly. Remember, he’ll be filming for approximately 9 months.
Uh-oh.  Will he wind up with the dreaded...

dun dun dun…


Island fever can mean two very different things.  To some, it means you suffer from a kind of middle-of-the-ocean claustrophobia -- you just can’t stand being in a tiny island chain that is far from a large mass of land.  If you suffer from this type of island fever, Hawaii is not the place for you.
Now, Alex was born and raised on an island. Yes, Australia is an island. One would think he was used to being surrounded by water on all sides and would have no problem living on Oahu. Maybe, but consider this:
The whole of Australia is 2.97 million, that’s MILLION square miles. Roughly diamond shaped, Oahu is 597 square miles, which is closer to the size of Sydney at about 700 square miles. So, Alex is pretty confined on Oahu. Australia’s coastline stretches 16,000 miles. Oahu’s shoreline runs 227 miles. Yeah…..big difference there. Can you see him shivering with “the fever” yet?
All kidding aside, I’m thrilled that Alex will be filming in Hawaii. It’s like one of those dream jobs most of us will never get. Alex will do just fine. He’ll adapt and make the most of his experience, not to mention rock the role of Steve McGarrett. He’ll make many new friends and share his free time with them. I have no doubt the Hawaiian people will accept our kane into their ohana with open arms.

But, just in case Alex does get Island Fever, perhaps he should learn these Hawaiian words:
pupule crazy
ue cry
`oma`ima`i not feeling well
mokulele airplane
Kaleponi California
kokua help
wikiwiki quickly

Aloha, Alika. Pomaika`i! Malama pono.
(Bye-bye, Alex. Good Luck! Take care.)


  1. LOL Interesting and funny.
    I love it! Thank you!

  2. Thank you. This is really funny. I love reading it. I'm also happy that Alex O'Loughlin will be back on my weekly television on Hawaii Five-O for the 2010-2011 season on CBS.

  3. Love this article! Great having a different 'view' of Alex and things going on around him. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the love!

  5. This was a fun take on what the Oahu experience might be for Alex...thanks for the extra creativity!! I love it!! I can't wait for h5-0 and Alex back on weekly TV!!!