Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alex as Storyteller

by carol
Storytelling offers actors a chance to establish a meaningful relationship with an audience. Rather than hiding behind the smokescreen of ‘high culture’, the myth of celebrity, and the cult of ego, the actor can come back to the real world as a real person. Yet this real person still has the ability to transform, to rhapsodize and to mesmerize, but in a new and intimate relationship with an audience.
- David Novak, 1991
In the April 2008 CBS Watch magazine Alex commented:
"I've always been interested in storytelling," Alex O'Loughlin says. "Even as a kid, I've always been the guy spinning a yarn around the campfire. I've always appreciated art and music, different forms of expression," O'Loughlin says. "As an adult, I appreciate the opportunity to tell important stories."

After reading about the history of story tellers, I have a few thoughts about Alex's acting methods and ideas, again, purely speculative on my part.

A story teller has a responsibility to all the characters and all the elements of the story. All must be presented with honesty and belief. Alex knows his character has a place in the story but may or may not BE the story. He sees himself as one part of many that tell the story and that makes him so supportive of his fellow actors, crew, writers, publicists, etc. Alex is the consummate team player (that's the sports analogy for this post!).

NIDA also placed an emphasis on "story telling" and that might be where Alex came to understand that he was a story teller.
A successful actor requires versatility, truthfulness, openness, vulnerability and common sense, intelligence, imagination and industry, generosity, courage, vocal and physical skills and a secure technique. These are the qualities NIDA sets out to develop.
- Tony Knight, Head of Acting, NIDA
 Congratulations, NIDA. You certainly succeeded with Alex O'Loughlin.

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  1. One of the roles Alex played that surprised me the most, was Deputy Eric Fraser in Man-Thing. He did not have long screentime to develope a character, but he was totally convincing as this young innocent and maybe not the most intelligent country policeman. I think that, appart from the serial killers he played, this role was also the furthest away from Alex the (handsome,sexy) man.