Friday, April 30, 2010

The Thinking Woman's Crumpet

by carol

Somewhere someone wrote that a man loves the woman he desires but that a woman desires the man she loves.

Sort of a chicken or the egg first analysis, if you think about it.

So while I value brains, honesty and kindness, I am prepared to confess to a bit of shallowness in my standards for male assessment, similar to those usually attributed to men judging women. What I am grateful to report is that I have discovered my prototype has been identified and defined. I seek “the thinking woman’s crumpet.”

thinking woman's/man's crumpet:
a way of describing a man or a woman who is popular with the opposite sex because they are intelligent as well as being physically attractive. (from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Example: Alex O’Loughlin is the thinking woman’s crumpet.

The best attributes of a thinking woman’s crumpet, just off the top of my head, are: A sense of humor, nice manners, good voice, holds my gaze, generosity, strong hands, easy smile, a certain dishevelment, bit of a twinkle, energy, finds me incredibly amusing and who says: "Tell me about yourself" - then actually listens.

And passion. Passion about his work, or the books he reads, or the causes he supports. Passionate intelligence is surely assurance of passion elsewhere. Sean Adams, creator of online music magazine Drowned in Sound, explains: 'I don't consider myself attractive, but I suppose when somebody follows through (on) their vision they become attractive: that poetic soul kind of thing.' A much sought-after thirty-something lawyer confides: 'Nothing is more alluring than a man who respects my intellect ... I know it's cheesy, but the sexiest act will always be talking.'

I can vouch for this. Ladies, I lift my cup of tea and toast to the thinking woman’s crumpet. 


  1. Well now this certainly brings back some memories and I could not agree more. Could I Pam !!!!!

  2. Sigh! 'Thinking woman's crumpet' works for me.

  3. You put this so well & I couldn't agree more. I keep thinking how much I would just love to sit & talk to AOL, not because he sounds sexy with that accent or his physical attributes (icing on the cake), but because he seems so intelligent.